Friday, March 22, 2013

NFL Owners Pass Helmet Rule...

NFL Owners Pass Helmet Rule

 RUSH: Are they gonna enforce it? Damn straight they're gonna enforce it. You better have some tapes of NFL games the way they used to be played, folks.

RUSH: Boy, I'll tell you, this came out of nowhere. The NFL owners have passed that helmet rule. Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network says the rule passed by a "wide margin." Voters of the NFL voted just now to outlaw the use of the crown of the helmet by offensive or defensive players in the open field. Eric Dickerson, Hall of Famer, one of the leading ground gainers in the NFL, was quoted. He's in part of that massive player lawsuit against the NFL over concussions, but he said (paraphrasing), "This is nuts. You can't make an inherently violent game safe." He said this helmet law is crazy. Emmitt Smith said it's crazy. Emmitt Smith, Hall of Fame running back, Dallas Cowboys.

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